WIP Necrons

Here some WIP of my Necron army.



WIP: 90% done!!


 Here some pictures of my Nurgle Plaguebearers WIP. As you can see, my standard bearer has wings attached to his back. These were from a huge dragonfly I got from a friend. As a pro doctor, I peeled the wings of the insect and glued them to the body of my miniature. As clumsy as I am with handling my mini's, I let this one fall to the ground with a broken and one damaged wing.....



WIP: Warrior Priest of Sigmar

Almost done! Just a project in between. Love the model and trying to experiment with the new GW paints.


Nurgle Chaos Lord: Korgoth Skull

Painted in 1 day, a new record for me :-D


Stonehorn: WIP

Working on the O.K. Stonehorn. Bought some colours from Reaper and they work magnificent on this project. As this is a hunter, I used brown/greenish colours to represent his 'wildness'in stead of my normal outfit (the white/blue striped pants).

All basecoats are on the model. Now its time to highlight the fur and stone.


Presenting: The elite Orange Lions of the Royal Dutch Army part 1!

Hi all. A project I've been working on for some time is this unit. These are 'regular' Empire Longswords, but I've converted some as you can see. The (pointing) captain has a sword in his hands in stead of that holy looking pigchopper and the flagbearer is also converted. The colours are very bright (I like that) but I need to do some weathering/battleworn in the final stage. And I want to paint 'Holland' in gothic style. I hope you like it!